Bharath Paper Cup forming machine was the first indigenously manufactured paper cup making machine in India at a bm-10000-paper-cup-machinetime when the paper cup manufacturing industry was using only Chinese imported machines. Due to the uncertainty of the quality of components used and service support from Chinese machine importers, AR Industry stepped in assuring with the highest quality components & known top branded machine components in India. For the past 10 years we have earned the trust of our customers all over India and we have been continuously upgrading our machines technically to meet the demand.

Advantage of Bharath Paper cup machines

  • 100% Indian made machine completely using Indian made components
  • Excellent after sales support & service all over India
  • Easily serviceable & availability of components even in local markets
  • Rugged frame construction for stability & durability
  • Minimal wear & tear of moving components
  • Precision components ensure less rejection & wastage of cups
  • Low level of vibration & Noise
  • Very low downtime
  • Excellent Build quality & service support ensures increased productivity
  • Due to our high quality construction techniques, our Paper cup machines are now used in Africa & middle east and newer markets are fast emerging.
  • Continuous R&D process to ensure that our customers get the latest technology in manufacturing paper cups and stay ahead of their competitors using Chinese machines.

bm-ultra-paper-cup-making-machineOur Paper cup machines are built to last very long that they command excellent value in the used/refurbished markets too. Even after refurbishing, our machines are employed for long years.

With our innovative and modern techniques in manufacturing paper cup machines, we ensure reduced overheads, increased operational time and thereby take out the problems in service & support and helping you to concentrate on your core business.

We reduce your bottom line(over heads) to increase your top line(profits)


Unique features of Bharath Paper Cup Machines

  • BM 10000 machine weighs 2 Tone & BM Ultra weighs 1.5 Tons
  • The rugged construction ensures smooth & silent operation with reduced vibration and noise
  • High quality components help in low maintenance & long life
  • Minimal wear & tear of moving parts due to toughened spares & parts
  • Power saving due to less moving parts & 5 star rated motors
  • Only the top branded/rated components go into our machines
  • The long durability of our machines assure long production life that proves value to your investment
  • Manual & Automatic modes in the production process
  • Sensor based production flow to ensure less rejection & wastage of raw material
  • Manufactures cup sizes from 45ml – 350ml to address a wide range of cup requirements
  • Good value in the used market
  • With less investment in refurbication, our machines could be put to production for many more years

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