Our top Paper cup making machine model and suits more intense production cycles. Usually people upgrading or expanding their Paper cup making business choose this machine for its high paper cup output and continuous manufacturing schedules.

Made out of the best quality spares and coupled with a more rugged construction, our BM 10000 machine could stay in production for many years before it needs a refurbish. The high demand for this machine in the used market proves its quality.

Salient features of BM 10000

  • BM 10000 weights 2 Tons
  • Fully manual or automatic operation modes
  • Single or 3 phase power modes
  • Manufactures cup sizes of 50ml – 300ml
  • Delivers cups of 50mm – 120mm in height & 36mm – 65mm in dia
  • Rugged construction that reduces vibration & noise
  • Employs ABB electrical drive with warranty
  • Camfield indexing gearboxes
  • MM gear’s reduction gearbox
  • SKF bearings
  • Siemens PLC’s

Most suited for large Paper cup making industries that needs higher outputs and continuous production schedules. Constant upgrading of technology & components has evolved the BM 10000 paper cup machine a much sought after Paper cup machine in India and overseas.